Product Engine

Advancing AAV gene therapy through innovation and investment in vector optimization and engineering, dosing techniques, and process development and production

Voyager is committed to advancing the adeno-associated virus (AAV) field by selecting, designing and manufacturing high-quality vectors. Our goal is to address the underlying biology of CNS diseases by expressing the right amount of protein in the right cell at the right time or knocking down a specific gene to decrease levels of a disease-causing protein.

AAV Process Development & Production

Voyager is building a state-of-the-art process development laboratory onsite at our Cambridge headquarters. We are establishing ourselves as leaders in the areas of commercial process development and product validation. Our manufacturing efforts are headed by a preeminent expert in the field of AAV production.

AAV Vector Optimization & Engineering

Voyager is selecting and optimizing AAV vectors that are best suited for each of our product programs. We are investing in advancing the science and technology around the three key elements of AAV vectors: capsid, promoter and transgene. We are also systematically evaluating potential product components to design vectors that are best suited for a particular disease.

Dosing Techniques

For each of our product programs, Voyager will be selecting for the optimal dose, route of administration and technique to achieve physiologically relevant levels of gene expression or gene knockdown via AAV gene therapy. For example, VY-AADC01 will use advanced image-guided neurosurgical methods and precise infusion technologies to optimize AAV distribution in the brain.